20 Best Therapist Websites In Australia

This blog post explores the top-notch designs of the 20 best therapist websites in Australia. We delve into the striking visual elements, the user-friendly experience they offer, and the specific features that make them unique in the therapeutic field. We analyse how these websites successfully incorporate contemporary design principles to optimise user engagement, create a calming and supportive atmosphere, streamline online booking processes and effectively showcase therapist qualifications and services. This investigation intends to enlighten both patients looking for the ideal therapy website and professionals looking to specialise their online platform. Get ready to be inspired by the perfect amalgamation of design aesthetics and functionality.


How We Select the Therapist Websites in Australia

When selecting the 20 best therapist websites in Australia, we employ a range of criteria to ensure each website meets a high standard of usability, design, content and customer service values.

The first criterion is user-friendliness and design quality. We select websites that have a user-friendly interface, easily navigable layout and eye-pleasing design. This means quick loading times, intuitive navigation menus, and a simple booking or contact process that doesn’t feel onerous for the user.

Next, we evaluate the quality of the content. Websites should provide comprehensive, updated and accurate information about their services, therapists, fees, etc. Sites with a blog or advice section are highly regarded as they show the therapists’ commitment to client education and engagement.

In terms of customer service, we look for sites offering easy and multiple forms of contact like email, phone, and even live chats. We also consider customer reviews and testimonials, which can provide insights about the therapists, their professionalism and the effectiveness of their therapy methods.

Lastly, we consider websites’ optimisation for search engines. Websites that are optimised and rank high on search engine result pages are likely to be more reputable and reliable. Those that effectively use keywords, especially within the Australian context, gain higher consideration.

We also acknowledge therapists who specialise in a particular field as this provides depth to their services, catering to a diverse range of client needs. Websites having online booking systems or tele therapy options earn extra points for their adaptability and acknowledgement of modern client needs.

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20 Best Therapist Websites In Australia

Therapist Websites in Australia

Renewed Hope Counselling Services

About the Business: Renewed Hope Counselling Services, located in Sydney, Australia, provides a myriad of counselling services such as individual, relationship, marriage, family, and adolescent counselling. They boast experienced counsellors who engage in various counselling techniques to address a wide spectrum of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges, striving to help clients overcome their obstacles in a respectful and non-judgmental manner​.

Web Design Highlights: The website portrays a professional and serene ambience, with easy navigation and clear call-to-action buttons like “Book Appointment”, facilitating a straightforward path for potential clients to access services and information. The colour palette, images, and content layout contribute to a calming and trust-evoking environment, resonating well with the sensitive nature of the counselling services offered. The website’s responsive design ensures accessibility across different devices, offering a seamless user experience.

Website Link: https://renewedhopecounselling.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Pacific Clinical Psychology

About the Business: Pacific Clinical Psychology is a boutique psychology practice on the Sunshine Coast, founded in 2021 by Clinical Psychologist Sarah Baker. They offer face-to-face and telehealth support to individuals across Australia, providing evidence-based therapy to adults seeking to enhance their mental health and well-being in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Web Design Highlights: The website embodies a serene and professional tone, with easy navigation facilitated by a clear menu and call-to-action buttons like “Book an Appointment.” The calming imagery of ocean waves and a path leading to the sea complements the mental health services offered, creating a tranquil online environment for visitors. The website’s responsive design ensures a seamless user experience across various devices.

Website Link: https://pacificclinicalpsych.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Bright Space Therapy

About the Business: Bright Space Therapy, nestled in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, is a haven for holistic mental health support for individuals of all ages including children, adults, and families. Spearheaded by Britt, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, this practice extends a helping hand to those grappling with anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, and childhood difficulties, offering a bouquet of services like play therapy, adult counselling, and EMDR Therapy, accessible to Medicare, NDIS and private clients.

Web Design Highlights: The website showcases a calming and welcoming aura with an intuitive navigation structure. The “Book Online Now” button is prominently placed, facilitating easy appointment scheduling. A tidy layout presents services and common queries, making it user-friendly. The soothing color palette along with images representing various mental health concerns, resonates well with the compassionate ethos of Bright Space Therapy.

Website link: https://brightspacetherapy.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Kelley Stone Psychology

About the Business: Stone Psychology, located on the Sunshine Coast, is helmed by Kelley Stone, a Clinical Psychologist specialising in treating adults with chronic pain and Functional Neurological Disorders (FND)​.

Web Design Highlights: The website maintains a minimalistic and professional design with easy navigation. The contact form and details are prominently displayed, facilitating easy communication. Images related to the services offered help in visually communicating the specialised areas of treatment provided by Kelley Stone.

Website link: https://stonepsychology.com.au/

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Therapist Websites in Australia

Psychology Melbourne

About the Business: Psychology Melbourne is a leading provider of psychological services based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialised in personalised psychology services for a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship issues. The team comprises experienced psychologists who utilise evidence-based therapies to deliver effective treatments. Psychology Melbourne is known for its commitment to optimising mental health outcomes for their clients.

Web Design Highlights: The website for Psychology Melbourne exhibits a professional, clean, and intuitive design that effectively communicates their offerings. The fluid navigation with clear call-to-action buttons makes it easy for potential clients to find critical information and book appointments. The blue and white colour palette instills a sense of calm and trust, appropriate for a psychological services provider. With its responsive design, the website is accessible on any device.

Website Link: https://www.psychologymelbourne.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Hills District Psychology

About the Business: Hills District Psychology offers a comprehensive range of psychological services in Sydney, Australia. They specialise in treating a wide range of mental health issues, helping individuals, couples, and families make positive changes in their lives. Their team of professionally accredited psychologists are highly experienced and dedicated to providing the best possible care.

Web Design Highlights: The website of Hills District Psychology strikes a balance between modernity, convenience, and professional appearance. Its sleek and engagig design, combined with easy navigation and an overall serene aesthetic, create a calming online presence that reflects its purpose. Its responsive design ensures optimal viewing and interaction across a wide range of devices.

Website Link: https://www.hillspsychology.com.au

Therapist Websites in Australia

Therapy Pro

About the Business: Therapy Pro is a team of experienced therapy professionals who provide comprehensive therapy services across multiple fields. Specialising in occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy, and positive behaviour support, they are invested in helping individuals of all ages to meet their goals and optimise their potential. Their tailored services offer support for children, adults, seniors, and families.

Web Design Highlights: Therapy Pro’s website design is refreshingly clear and user-friendly, offering easy navigation that provides visitors with a seamless experience. A dynamic mix of vibrant colours and professional imagery captures visitor attention, while clear calls-to-action guide users to desired information, making it a positive digital journey.

Website link: https://therapypro.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Strategic Psychology

About the Business: Strategic Psychology operates in Canberra and offers a wide array of services to people of all age groups. They cater to a broad range of mental health concerns and employ an array of therapy styles to optimise the treatment process. They provide services including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy.

Web Design Highlights: The strategic use of pops of colour against a clean, white layout gives the website an engaging and dynamic look. There’s an aesthetic balance between sleek professionalism and a friendly, personable feel. Coupled with accessible menus and clear calls to action, the site is user-friendly and inviting.

Website link: https://strategicpsychology.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

The Three Seas Psychology Group

About the Business: The Three Seas Psychology Group is a team of registered and skilled psychologists who are committed to helping individuals, couples and organisations bring about positive changes. They provide a range of services such as relationship counselling, anger management, stress management and more, and believe in the power of a harmonious therapeutic relationship in promoting change.

Web Design Highlights: The website has a bold but soft colour palette coupled with sleek typography, creating a balance between warmth and professionalism. Its organised layout, clear navigation labels, and straightforward information presentation enhances user-interface, making it highly engaging and easy for information gathering.

Website link: https://thethreeseas.com.au/

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Therapist Websites in Australia

Counselling Clinic

About the Business: The Counselling Clinic, situated in Canberra, aims to make in-depth counselling and psychotherapy accessible to the community. Spearheaded by John Couto, a seasoned counsellor and psychotherapist, the clinic offers a broad spectrum of mental health services including addiction, mental health, and trauma counselling, both individually and in group settings, to all age groups​.

Web Design Highlights: The website is structured for easy navigation, with a calm and inviting design. The services are clearly outlined, and the contact information is easily accessible. The imagery and text provide a reassuring tone, making the website a welcoming portal for those seeking help.

Website Link: https://www.counsellingclinic.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Equilibrium Psychology

About the Business: Equilibrium Psychology is a Sydney based psychology practice that offers psychological treatment and assessments for a variety of mental health disorders. They specialise in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and Neuropsychotherapy.

Web Design Highlights: The website’s attractive use of images, easy-to-follow navigation and comprehensive resources offer an engaging and comfortable user experience. It presents immediate contact options prominently, encouraging viewers to take the next step. The resource section with related articles is a strong point of the design, reflecting their commitment to helping visitors understand mental health issues.

Website Link: https://www.equilibriumpsychology.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Counselling in Melbourne

About the Business: Counselling in Melbourne is a collective of experienced and qualified therapists providing mental health and counselling services. They adopt evidence-based therapeutic approaches to address a broad scope of mental health issues and life challenges.

Web Design Highlights: Web Design Highlights: The site features a clean, bright design which combined with an in-depth explanation of services, clear navigation, and a booking system, provides an excellent user-friendly experience. The inclusion of a blog enriched with helpful articles manifests their commitment to raising mental health awareness.

Website Link: https://counsellinginmelbourne.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Capital Psychology Clinic

About the Business: Capital Psychology Clinic is a professional psychological service provider located in Canberra, offering comprehensive support and evidence-based assessments to children, families, and adults. Founded by clinical psychologists Dr. Eryn Davies and Jenna Keen, the clinic is dedicated to fostering community growth and learning. Their team consists of 17 diverse psychologists who are equipped to handle a variety of clinical needs. Services include individual therapy, group programs like social skills and Lego groups, and they are currently accepting new referrals for therapy and assessment.

Web Design Highlights: The website for Capital Psychology Clinic is thoughtfully crafted with a user-centric approach, boasting a clean and bright design that facilitates easy navigation. Its comprehensive content clearly outlines the array of services offered, enhancing the visitor’s understanding and engagement. Throughout the site, multiple call-to-action buttons are strategically placed, guiding visitors seamlessly to the contact page where they can easily book or cancel an appointment, further highlighting the clinic’s commitment to user convenience and service accessibility.

Website Link: https://www.capitalpsychologyclinic.com/

Therapist Websites in Australia

J&R Psychology

About the Business: J&R Clinical Psychologists is a team of experienced clinical psychologists based in West Perth and Como, dedicated to providing evidence-based psychological therapies. Founders Paul Jeffery and Dr. Melissa Ree, along with their team, are committed to supporting adults, children, and teens through a range of services designed to foster positive life changes. They are known for their warm and professional care, offering both in-person and telehealth consultations six days a week, including early evenings. They pride themselves on their strong commitment to evidence-based practices, aiming to help clients thrive and improve their mental well-being​.

Web Design Highlights: The J&R Clinical Psychologists website is designed with user engagement in mind, featuring an online booking system and an informative blog. Contact details are conveniently located, making it effortless for visitors to find and reach out to the clinic. Additionally, the website layout presents a streamlined path for visitors to access services and support, with clear call-to-action buttons that lead to a contact page for booking or cancelling appointments. These design elements work together to create an accessible and user-friendly online experience, emphasizing the clinic’s focus on client care and ease of access.

Website Link: https://www.jrpsych.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Psylegal Clinical Psychologists

About the Business: Psylegal Clinical Psychologists is a professional psychological service based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in providing therapy and counselling services to address a range of mental health issues from anxiety, depression to stress management and relationship issues. They offer both online and face-to-face counselling sessions, adhering to the highest standards of confidentiality and ethical practice.

Web Design Highlights: The website design of Psylegal Clinical Psychologists is simplistic yet professional. It features easy navigation through well-segregated service sections and detailed information about its various services. The soothing colour palette enables positive user engagement and the readiness of contact details boost its user-friendly experience.

Website link: https://www.psylegal.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Lawson Clinical Psychology

About the Business: Lawson Clinical Psychology is a Perth-based psychological service provider committed to improving lives through high-quality psychological healthcare. They offer a diverse range of services, including therapy for adults, children, and adolescents, OCD therapy, and family and couples counselling, as well as educational assessments and clinical supervision. The practice is designed to provide individualized treatment to improve psychological health and well-being, and they have established a reputation for excellence in their field.

Web Design Highlights: The Lawson Clinical Psychology website has been designed with the user’s needs at the forefront, incorporating an online booking system that allows for easy appointment scheduling. A blog section offers insights and valuable information, while a detailed ‘Fees and Rebates’ page provides transparent pricing and rebate information, ensuring visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. The clear layout and accessible contact details support a smooth and informative user experience, reflecting the professionalism of the practice.

Website link: https://www.lawsonpsychology.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Perth Psychology Collective

About the Business: Perth Psychology Collective is an alliance of Clinical, Counselling, and Forensic Psychologists based in Morley, Perth. They are united by the mission to improve the world by fostering self-awareness, compassion, and growth in individuals, couples, families, and communities at large. Their services span a variety of psychological interventions aimed at helping people navigate life’s challenges and enhance their well-being. Emphasizing the creation of supportive communities, the Collective provides tailored treatment modalities across different branches of psychology, employing a range of therapeutic approaches to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Web Design Highlights: The Perth Psychology Collective website provides a modern and engaging user experience through the strategic placement of clear call-to-action buttons for new client inquiries and the client portal. Gentle animations draw the visitor’s eye, enhancing the site’s contemporary feel. The blog offers a wealth of information, supporting their community-focused approach to mental health. Importantly, the site employs an accessibility plugin, ensuring that the services are inclusive and reachable to individuals with disabilities.

Website link: https://perthpsychologycollective.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Armchair Psychology

About the Business: Armchair Psychology is a Sydney-based psychological service. The clinic offers individual, family, and couples therapy, along with assistance for businesses. They have a team of experienced psychologists who address issues such as anxiety, stress, relationship problems, and more.

Web Design Highlights: The website for Armchair Psychology has an inviting and contemporary design. It utilises vibrant colours and clean lines that engage the user’s attention. Easy navigation, highly responsive design, and clear, concise text make for an excellent user experience, enabling visitors to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Website link: https://armchairpsychology.com.au/

Therapist Websites in Australia

Life & Mind Psychology

About the Business: Life & Mind Psychology delivers quality psychological services in Sutherland Shire, Australia. The clinic provides services such as individual therapy, corporate solutions, and relationship counselling. They address a wide variety of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

Web Design Highlights: Life & Mind Psychology’s website offers a solid user experience with simple, functional design. Its responsive layout, intuitive navigation, and clean aesthetic make it easy for users to find information. The calming colour scheme combined with high-quality visuals gives a sense of tranquillity that reflects the nature of the services offered.

Website link: https://www.lifeandmind.com.au/


In conclusion, the multitude of online therapy websites in Australia allows individuals to access a diverse range of services to support their mental health. From personalised therapy plans to easily accessible online sessions, there are countless solutions that are just a few clicks away. The 20 platforms we’ve detailed here consistently stood out in terms of quality, reliability, and diversity of specialisation. We strongly encourage you to peruse these sites and get on the path of optimising your mental health. After all, taking care of our mental well-being is a long-term investment made easier thanks to these specialised resources. Keep seeking help, you’re never alone in this journey.

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