20 Best Medical Web Design in Australia

Welcome to DIGITALON’s exclusive showcase of the 20 Best Medical Web Designs in Australia. In a sector where trust and clarity are paramount, our curated selection represents the pinnacle of digital craftsmanship, combining aesthetics with functionality to serve healthcare professionals and patients alike. We meticulously scour the web to present you designs that set the standard for medical websites, judging on criteria of user experience, accessibility, and design innovation. Whether you’re a healthcare provider seeking inspiration or a web designer aiming for excellence, our list is the compass that guides you to the forefront of medical web design excellence.


How We Select the 20 Best Medical Web Design in Australia

At DIGITALON, our approach to selecting the 20 best medical web designs in Australia is grounded in a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process. Our team of experts delves into an extensive array of websites, assessing them against a stringent set of benchmarks that include intuitive navigation, patient-centric information architecture, and compliance with the latest web accessibility standards. We also prioritise innovative features that enhance user engagement, mobile responsiveness for on-the-go accessibility, and the seamless integration of functional elements that support medical professionals in their digital interactions. Our commitment is to spotlight web designs that not only look exceptional but also perform flawlessly, ensuring they meet the high expectations of both medical practitioners and their patients.

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20 Best Medical Web Design in Australia

National Home Doctor

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About the Business: National Home Doctor is Australia’s largest network of after-hours, home-visiting doctors. They provide urgent medical care during evenings, weekends, and public holidays when ordinary GP clinics are closed, ensuring continuous access to healthcare for those in need.

Web Design Highlights: The website for National Home Doctor is immediately informative and accessible, conveying urgency and care, which aligns with their service offering. The design harnesses an effective colour scheme to promote ease of use during stressful situations, with clear navigation to book a home visit or seek advice promptly.

Website link: https://homedoctor.com.au/

Ramsay Health Care

medical web design

About the Business: Ramsay Health Care is a global healthcare provider operating a network of private hospitals, day surgery centres, and psychiatric units across Australia. The business is known for providing high-quality patient care, spanning a wide range of clinical specialties including surgical, medical, and mental health services.

Web Design Highlights: The website’s design of Ramsay Health Care showcases a refreshing and professional aesthetic, embracing clean lines and a calming colour palette that projects the healthcare brand’s commitment to patient wellbeing. User navigation is intuitive, with clear calls to action and accessible information about their services. The design incorporates responsive elements and integrates seamlessly across various devices enhancing the user experience.

Website link: https://www.ramsayhealth.com.au/

Health Direct Australia

medical web design

About the Business: Health Direct Australia is a government-funded service, providing Australians with access to health information and advice. The service offers a range of resources, including symptom checkers and healthcare service finders, ensuring that patients can get the support they need.

Web Design Highlights: Health Direct Australia’s website design is centred around user accessibility and ease of information retrieval. The interface is clean and uncluttered, focusing on user-friendly navigation that anticipates users’ needs. The use of icons and a reassuring colour scheme delimits various sections clearly, improving information digestibility for all age groups and demographics.

Website link: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/


medical web design

About the Business: MyHealth1st is an online healthcare service platform positioned to streamline the appointment booking process in Australia. This platform facilitates easy scheduling for a variety of health services, enabling users to find and book appointments with local healthcare providers swiftly.

Web Design Highlights: The website design of MyHealth1st is innovative, inviting, and user-centric, prioritising an efficient booking experience. With its vibrant and welcoming interface, it entices users to engage with the platform. The strategic placement of search functionality and user journey streamlining features grant effortless navigation and a satisfying booking process.

Website link: https://www.myhealth1st.com.au/


medical web design

About the Business: GenesisCare delivers comprehensive cancer treatment services, including radiation therapy, medical oncology, and integrated research programs. Their commitment to cutting-edge treatment and compassionate patient care places them at the forefront of cancer care providers.

Web Design Highlights: GenesisCare’s website design aligns with its mission, exuding professionalism and innovation in healthcare. An intuitive layout presents essential information, while the use of multimedia elements communicates their story and services empathetically. This results in a design that looks trustworthy and is practically efficient for patients seeking critical information.

Website link: https://www.genesiscare.com/au/

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medical web design

About the Business: Cochlear is a leading global company pioneering hearing solutions, notably implantable devices for the deaf and hard of hearing. Their products have empowered thousands to overcome their challenges and experience a world of sound.

Web Design Highlights: Cochlear’s website design emphasises clarity and innovation, reflecting their role as a technology leader in hearing solutions. The use of bright imagery and videos of people enriches its storytelling aspect, while the thoughtful layout and clear call-to-action buttons guide users towards finding the help they need.

Website link: https://www.cochlear.com/au/en/home

Home Instead

medical web design

About the Business: Home Instead is a national provider of in-home care dedicated to supporting the ageing population of Australia with high-quality, relationship-based services. The company prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of services that address personal, lifestyle, and healthcare needs. Their care offerings include daily living assistance, companionship, specialised dementia and palliative care, among others, all designed to help clients maintain independence and well-being at home.

Web Design Highlights: The Home Instead website presents a clean and user-friendly interface with a compassionate and professional tone reflective of their care services. The design utilises a simple, easy-to-navigate layout that highlights their range of services through clear, descriptive icons and text. There is a dedicated section showcasing the reasons to choose Home Instead, enhancing trust and credibility. The site also features testimonials and interactive elements, such as service details and contact options, ensuring users can easily find and understand the information they need.

Website link: https://homeinstead.com.au/

Sonic HealthPlus

medical web design

About the Business: Sonic HealthPlus is one of Australia’s leading providers of occupational healthcare. They deliver a comprehensive range of services including general practice, workplace health, and injury management catered towards businesses and individuals.

Web Design Highlights: The Sonic HealthPlus website stands out with its modern, professional look that clearly categorises their vast array of services for easy exploration. Its interactive elements and streamlined presentation of content make for an engaging user experience, designed to cater to both corporate clients and individuals seeking health solutions.

Website link: https://www.sonichealthplus.com.au/

Australian Skin Clinics

medical web design

About the Business: Australian Skin Clinics is a premier provider of cosmetic treatments and services. Specialising in laser hair removal, skin treatments and cosmetic injectables, their trained professionals focus on delivering results-oriented solutions in a safe and clinical environment.

Web Design Highlights: The Australian Skin Clinics website stands out with a contemporary, chic design that resonates with its aesthetic industry. High-quality visuals, inviting offers, and easy-to-navigate service categories create an enticing experience for potential clients, while the mobile-responsive design guarantees seamless interaction across all devices.

Website link: https://australianskinclinics.com.au/


medical web design

About the Business: Healius is a prominent healthcare company that provides a comprehensive range of medical and diagnostic services, including pathology and radiology. Their commitment to supporting health practitioners allows for a higher standard of patient care.

Web Design Highlights: The Healius website puts forth a clean and modern design. It’s been built with intuitive navigation and a streamlined approach to content presentation, which enables users to quickly access the health services they require. Attention to layout and accessibility makes the website a reliable resource for both practitioners and patients.

Website link: https://www.healius.com.au/

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St Vincent’s Health Australia

medical web design

About the Business: St Vincent’s Health Australia is steeped in history and driven by a mission of compassion, providing health and aged care since 1857. As the nation’s largest not-for-profit health and aged care provider, they serve with a commitment to the poor and vulnerable, offering services across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Their facilities include public and private hospitals and aged care facilities.

Web Design Highlights: The website reflects the organisation’s core values of compassion, integrity, justice, and excellence. It provides detailed insights into their mission to express God’s love through healing, their vision for outstanding care, and their dedication to continuous improvement and evidence-based services. The design is clean and purposeful, emphasising the organisation’s commitment to patient-centric care informed by leading research.

Website link: https://www.svha.org.au/

Virtus Health

medical web design

About the Business: Virtus Health stands at the forefront of fertility and reproductive services in Australia. It offers a range of treatments including IVF, and prides itself on pioneering research and utilising innovative technologies to assist individuals and couples in their journey to parenthood.

Web Design Highlights: The design of the Virtus Health website encapsulates hope and care, with a soft colour palette and supportive imagery that connects with its audience at an emotional level. Navigation is seamless, with structured information and resources on fertility services available at a click. The website’s performance and responsiveness on various devices highlight its user-centric approach, accommodating all aspects of the patient’s online experience.

Website link: https://www.virtushealth.com.au/

Icon Group

medical web design

About the Business: Icon Group is a network of cancer care providers that offers integrated services, including chemotherapy, radiation oncology, and pharmacy. Their dedication to compassionate care and a unified approach to treatment supports patients through their cancer journey.

Web Design Highlights: Icon Group’s website is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, mirroring the supportive nature of its clinical services. The site’s layout promotes clear navigation through educational content and service offerings, whilst maintaining a reassuring tone with its use of calming aesthetics. It is an effective design that is both informative and comforting to users seeking cancer care resources.

Website link: https://icongroup.global/

St John of God Health Care

medical web design

About the Business: St John of God Health Care is a leading Catholic not-for-profit healthcare organisation, providing a diverse range of healthcare services. From hospitals to home nursing, the organisation dedicates itself to offering compassionate care to all communities.

Web Design Highlights: The website for St John of God Health Care radiates warmth and a sense of community through its inviting design. The hospitable atmosphere is accomplished through the use of welcoming imagery and a layout designed to guide visitors effortlessly to the information they need. The effective use of whitespace underscores the content, making for an engaging and tranquil user experience.

Website link: https://www.sjog.org.au/

Capitol Health

medical web design

About the Business: Capitol Health is a leading diagnostic imaging network in Australia, providing a comprehensive suite of services including X-ray, Ultrasound, and MRI. With a patient-centric philosophy, they aim to offer accessible and high-quality imaging to all.

Web Design Highlights: The Capitol Health website uses a contemporary layout that is focused on direct access to services and clinic locations. Its professional feel and structured design enable patients to navigate the site with ease, whilst the inclusion of clear call-to-action buttons and an online booking facility contributes to the efficacy of the user’s journey on the website.

Website link: http://www.capitolhealth.com.au/

IVF Australia

medical web design

About the Business: IVF Australia is one of the country’s leading fertility clinics, offering a wide range of treatments and services, including in-vitro fertilisation. It is recognised for its pioneering work in reproductive technology and supportive patient care.

Web Design Highlights: The IVF Australia website is nurturing and informative, clearly signposting resources to support individuals and couples on their fertility journey. The positive and easy-to-navigate design communicates a message of hope and expertise, with interactive features and a patient portal that grants straightforward access to personal treatment information.

Website link: https://www.ivf.com.au/

EyeQ Optometrists

medical web design

About the Business: EyeQ Optometrists deliver personalised eye care services and high-quality eyewear products. Specialising in comprehensive eye examinations, their professional team ensures the optical health of their patients by offering tailored vision solutions.

Web Design Highlights: The website for EyeQ Optometrists is clean and modern, reflecting their focus on precision and individual care. It uses welcoming visuals and a friendly tone, enhancing the accessibility of booking appointments. The efficient layout and clear service descriptions make for a user-friendly experience, aligning with the organisation’s reputation for quality eye care.

Website link: https://www.eyeq.com.au/

Nucleus Network

medical web design

About the Business: Nucleus Network is a clinical research organisation that specialises in Phase 1 clinical trials, with a mission to advance medicine and improve lives. They are the only organisation with Phase 1 facilities in both Australia and the USA. Their operations include conducting over 100 clinical pharmacology trials annually, including first-in-human studies, and they have more than 20 years of experience in this field. Their extensive capabilities allow them to support the complex requirements of early-stage clinical trials, backed by a highly trained medical team.

Web Design Highlights: The Nucleus Network website showcases a modern and professional design that aligns with their focus on advancing medical research. Key features include clear messaging of their unique offering and the impact of their work on global health. The website has a straightforward layout, providing easy access to information about current studies, the benefits of participating in trials, and the organisation’s significant expertise and capabilities in clinical research. Interactive elements and call-to-action buttons are strategically placed to engage visitors and encourage participation in clinical trials.

Website link: https://www.nucleusnetwork.com/au/

Partnered Health

medical web design

About the Business: Partnered Health offers a vertically integrated healthcare model providing corporate health services, including occupational health, general practice, and allied health. Their comprehensive approach aims to deliver efficient and cost-effective healthcare to clients.

Web Design Highlights: The Partnered Health website articulates professionalism and corporate wellness through its clean design and corporate branding. The intuitive navigation funnels corporate clients and partners towards service information and contacts effortlessly, while maintaining a crisp, corporate look that reflects their focus on professional health solutions.

Website link: https://partneredhealth.com.au/

Better Rehab

medical web design

About the Business: Better Rehab began as a vision to improve Occupational Therapy services for people with disabilities. Founded in 2014 by Rachel Brimblecombe, who sought to create a company that could deliver care effectively rather than quickly, Better Rehab has grown to provide a variety of services across Australia, including Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, and Positive Behaviour Support. The company remains committed to its original values of providing people-centred, community-based services tailored to the individual needs of those in their care.

Web Design Highlights: The Better Rehab website offers a user-friendly interface with clear calls to action (CTAs) for inquiries and referrals, facilitating easy navigation for visitors seeking services or more information. The design is focused on accessibility and convenience, ensuring that users can quickly find and utilise the resources they need, such as making a referral or contacting the organisation for personalised assistance. The site’s layout and functionality demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to providing accessible and person-centred care to the community.

Website link: https://betterrehab.com.au/


In closing, the 20 best medical web designs highlighted in this article exemplify how healthcare providers can effectively leverage digital platforms to serve their audiences. The synthesis of stellar web design, impeccable content, and meticulous SEO practices creates online spaces that not only rank well but also resonate with patients and stakeholders. These industry-leading websites represent the confluence of form and function, resulting in an engaging, informative, and accessible digital experience for all.

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