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Unlock Your Business Potential With Google Advertising

Google Ads is the go-to advertising platform for businesses across Australia. It offers the ability to target your ads to specific individuals who may be interested in your offerings. You can even re-target people who have already been to your website.

The Google Ads platform is full of settings, options and tools to help you improve your campaign performance, but it can be a bit overwhelming to get started and optimise your campaigns for high conversion rates.

DIGITALON is a leading Google Ads agency on the Sunshine Coast. Our Google advertising experts are available to help you with everything from setting up your first ad to advanced techniques for optimising your return on investment.

DIGITALON offers comprehensive support for businesses looking to advertise through Google Ads. Our range of campaign options, including Google Search, Remarketing, Display Advertising, YouTube Video Ads, Conversion Optimisation, Landing Pages, and Google Shopping, are designed to help you maximize your advertising efforts.

With the help of our team of Google Ads experts on the Sunshine Coast, you can ensure that your marketing goals are aligned with the outcomes of your Google Ads campaigns. Don’t miss out on the opportunities available to you through this powerful advertising platform. Let us help you make the most of your advertising efforts with Google Ads.

Google Ads Agency Services

Google Ads Strategy

We work with you to define your goals and budget, analyse the competition, and conduct keyword research, including negative keywords.

Setup by Google Ads Expert

We create, configure, and optimise a Google Ads account for you, including campaign setup and Google Analytics linking.

Campaign Management

We monitor and optimise bidding to achieve maximum ROI. You will be able to track the details through our reports and consulting calls.

Landing Page Design

We can create a conversion optimised landing page that is equipped with advanced conversion tracking tools.

Ads Materials Design

We can create amazing graphical / video materials that grab your audiences’ attention instantly.

e-Commerce Ads Optimisation

Get your products in front of shoppers with highly targeted advertising.

Google Ads Packages

DIGITALON offers a range of services to help you get started with Google Ads and boost your ad performance. Our Google Advertising specialists on the Sunshine Coast can work with you to align your marketing goals with the outcome of Google ads campaigns.

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Unlock the potential of your business with Google Search ads.

Account Setup by Google Ads Expert
Campaign Setup (1 Ad)
Search Ads (Up to 30 Keywords)
In-Depth Keyword Analysis
Target Audience Optimisation
Ad Copywriting
Bidding Monitoring & Adjustment
Google Analytics Setup
Dedicated Google Ads Manager
1:1 Monthly Consulting Call
Plumber Alexandra VIC DIGITALON SEO


Boost your advertising with various types of Google ads.

Everything in BASIC, plus
Campaign Setup (Up To 4 Ads)
Search Ads (Up to 100 Keywords)
Display Ads
Eye-Catching Graphical Ads Design
Conversion Tracking Help Icon
Google Tag Manager Setup
Dietician DIGITALON SEO Sunshine Coast


Achieve optimal results with expertly fine-tuned ads.

Everything in STANDARD, plus
Campaign Setup (Up To 8 Ads)
Search Ads (Up to 300 Keywords)
Shopping Ads
Ads Split Testing & Optimisation Help Icon
Remarketing Setup

questions about Google Ads Sunshine Coast?

Our approach to keyword research involves analysing your industry, competitors, and target audience to identify the keywords that will be most effective for your campaign. We also use tools to determine the search volume and competition for specific keywords to ensure we’re targeting the right audience.

Our team regularly monitors and optimizes our clients’ campaigns, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We use data and analytics to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments accordingly to ensure the best possible results.

The time it takes to see results from a Google Ads campaign can vary, as it depends on a number of factors such as the competitiveness of your industry, the quality of your ads and landing pages, and the relevance of your keywords. Generally, it can take a few weeks to a few months to see meaningful results, but we work closely with our clients to make continuous improvements to the campaign to achieve the best possible results.

Yes, we can help you target specific geographic locations with your Google Ads campaigns. Whether you want to reach customers in a particular city, state, or country, we can help you create a targeted campaign to reach the audience you want.

Yes, we offer Google Shopping campaign creation and management services. Our team will help you set up your merchant centre, create your product data feed, and optimize your shopping campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

Yes, we offer retargeting services for Google Ads. Retargeting allows you to reach people who have already shown an interest in your business by visiting your website or engaging with your ads. We can help you set up and manage retargeting campaigns to keep your brand top-of-mind with potential customers.

Our Clients Love the DIGITALON Marketing Experts!

Google Reviews
Scott Dingle
Scott Dingle
Read More
This is a very profesional company. They really know how to increase the traffic to your web. Can't recommend them more.
Charmaine Cowling
Charmaine Cowling
Read More
Thanks so much to the team at DIGITALON. Your expertise in web design, SEO, and so much more is amazing. Thank you for listening so carefully to our brief, for delivering digital solutions seamlessly, and for being so easy to communicate with. It’s amazing to have DIGITALON just around the corner on the Sunshine Coast! Well done and thank you!
Haven Yoga Studio
Ramona from Sunny Kids Music
Ramona from Sunny Kids Music
Read More
The knowledge and advice from the DIGITALON team saved me a lot of time and money when starting my business. I highly recommend them to people starting their own business.
Chloé Morgan
Chloé Morgan
Read More
The team at DIGITALON have been amazing to work with. So responsive and easy to communicate with. Their work is of a very high quality and everything about dealing with them and their processes has been easy, quick and straightforward. Thanks DIGITALON for making this process such a great experience.
James Dunstan
James Dunstan
Read More
I have dealt with Sabrina over the past month and during this time she has proven time and time again what an amazing local company they are here the Sunshine Coast. Highly professional and highly recommended.
Natassja Marie
Natassja Marie
Read More
A great company who knows what they are doing in all aspects! Very professional work and communication. Hoyoung is extremely knowledgeable and ensured my 100% satisfaction. Can't recommend them enough! 5-stars and will definitely be back for more.
Colin Dicks
Colin Dicks
Read More
Sabrina and her team at DIGITALON are efficient, honest and the best I have worked with.Thank you for making a complex journey seem so simple.
Tony Cook
Tony Cook
Read More
I have been working with Digitalon for the past few months as they build a new Website and create Face Book pages for may existing and new businesses. It's hard to trust someone to take your hard earned business to the people, but I could not be happier with the presentation, responsiveness, and professionalism of this company. There are many companies out there that promise much, Sabrina and her team deliver. I will be happy to work with them closely in the future to stay on top of the ever changing media landscape.
Char Serchen
Char Serchen
Read More
Sabrina and Hoyoung are amazingly talented. They gave exceptional service, listened to our needs and created a solution which was simple for clients. They went beyond our expectations and we will definitely be working with Digitalon again.
Claudia Boesch Hancox
Claudia Boesch Hancox
Read More
Thank you Digitalon Team for your great advise and customer service - very happy to recommend you to family and friends.
AJ Cowling
AJ Cowling
Read More
Hoyoung is excellent to work with. He provides outstanding customer service. He helped me with web design and search engine optimisation. My website now appears on the first page of a google search. I would highly recommend DigitalOn.

Why should I choose DIGITALON for my Google Ads needs?

Getting the Most Out of Your Goolge Ads Investment
Save while others are wasting. Quote. Quotes.

Stop Google Ads costing too much!

When it comes to Google Ads, one of the most common mistakes users make is paying too much. This can be caused by multiple reasons such as badly written ads, incorrect budgeting and bidding, wrong keywords match types, poor account structure, and more. We can help you with optimising your campaigns effectively with targeted traffic while getting maximum return on investment from every cent spent.

Businesswoman executive writing and taking notes keyword on board wall to planning about a business

Target the right keywords

Keywords are an important part of Google Ads campaigns, but they're not the only thing! There are search keywords - which includes search terms and broad match type phrases. You also need to take into account negative keywords so you can avoid targeting campaigns that will not provide ROI for your business by being too specific or over ambitious inclusiveness-wise. DIGITALON uses a range of tools to identify and select right keywords for your campaigns.

Businessman analyse investment marketing data.

Conversion tracking is a must

Google's algorithms are clever, but they can only do their best if the data they receive is good. To get the best results from your campaigns, it's important that Google's algorithms learn from your conversion data. The problem is, this requires lots of complicated set up across their products and your website. But don't worry, we can help with all the complicated tech, so you don't fall down the rabbit hole.

Search Searching Online Network Website Concept

Avoid the Google Ads traps

It is easy to get carried away with Google Ads when you are trying out different settings. A lot of their default options will actually increase your spending on campaigns! Our experienced Google Ads specialists can help you avoid costly mistakes and optimise your campaigns while maximising returns on investment.

Nutritionist with young woman client

Continuous optimisation & communications

In this ever-changing marketing environment, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving your advertising strategy. We continuously push the weakest performing keywords and ads out, replacing them with new, innovative, and more effective ones to discover untapped opportunities for business growth.

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