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YouTube Channel Marketing

Are you looking to grow your business with a successful YouTube channel? We can help you set up, optimise, and promote your channel for maximum success. We understand the creative constraints and options available on this platform. With our unique SEO-based approach, we’ll help you target the right audience and get your videos seen by more people. 

YouTube Advertising
(Paid Ads)

Paid advertising on YouTube can be an incredibly effective way to reach new customers and grow your business. However, it’s important to understand the platform and how to create effective campaigns that will achieve your desired results. DIGITALON can help you make the most of paid advertising on YouTube, from targeting the right audience to managing your campaigns.

YouTube Advertising (Paid Ads) Services

YouTube advertising can be extremely effective at reaching your target market, but only if they’re done right. With our experienced team, you can rest assured that your ads will be expertly crafted to engage and persuade your target audiences. We’ll take care of everything from Google Ad Manager account setup to campaign management, so you can focus on what’s important – making your business succeed.

YouTube Ads Strategy

We work with you to define your goals and budget, analyse the competition, and conduct keyword research, including negative keywords. This ensures that your ad is seen by the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

YouTube Ads Account Setup

Google Ad Manager is a powerful tool, and can be tricky to set up correctly. Leave the complicated stuff to us – Our team can set everything up for you, configure your campaigns and make sure they're running optimally.

Campaign Management

Need someone to take care of your Google Ad Manager account for your YouTube advertising? We'll take care of it for you, and make sure your campaigns are running smoothly and performing optimally.

Ads Video & Graphic Design

We can help you create stunning, attention-grabbing YouTube ads that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Our expert designers will work with you to create materials that are both creative and engaging, ensuring that your ad campaign is a success.

Conversion Tracking Systems Setup

Our expert team will take care of the complicated system setups for you, so you can focus on your business. We'll set up and track your conversions with Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager. You'll be able to optimise your campaigns with real-time results.

Landing Page Creation

DIGITALON specialises in creating a landing page that not only looks great, but also helps you convert more paid traffic into customers. With our advanced conversion tracking tools, you can be sure that your landing page is performing at its best.

YouTube Marketing with Your YouTube Channels

With over a billion active users, YouTube is the perfect platform to market your business. Our team of experienced marketers can help you create engaging and persuasive videos that will reach your target audience and rank high in search results.

SEO Analysis Of Your Business For YouTube

If you're looking to create a successful YouTube channel, you need to start with a good SEO analysis. Our SEO experts will use the latest tools and techniques to help you dominate your niche in the YouTube search results.

YouTube Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop a YouTube marketing strategy tailored specifically to your niche based on the SEO & niche analysis. With our guidance, you can build a thriving channel that will reach new customers and grow your business.

Optimised Meta Description

It is critical for success on YouTube to optimise titles, descriptions, and tags of your videos for YouTube search. We have special tools and skills to analyse YouTube keywords and apply them to each of your videos.

Thumbnail Design

We can help you create thumbnail designs that are specifically optimised for high click-through rates on YouTube. Our professional design team will work with you to create a thumbnail that catches the viewer's eye and persuades them to click on your video.

YouTube Channel Setup

A lot of people think that setting up a YouTube channel is easy. But if you want to make sure your channel is set up for success, it's best to leave it to the experts. We'll help you configure your settings and implement a marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience. Plus, we'll design an attractive banner and icon for your channel page.

SEO for YouTube Videos

Make your YouTube videos stand out from the competition with our expert SEO services. We'll help you choose the right keywords and target them for maximum impact. You'll see a noticeable difference in viewership and engagement, as your videos reach a wider audience.

YouTube Video Blogging

InCrease Traffic For Both YouTube And Your Website

YouTube Video Blog On Your Website

We offer a complete service of creating a blog on your website that reuses the content of your YouTube videos. This significantly increases traffic on both your website and YouTube channel. It covers a number of tasks, including blog page designs, search engine optimisation, newsletter subscription, comment system, anti-spam system setup, and more. We specialise in this field.

Blog Article Writing & Publishing

Creating a blog post out of a video involves a series of time-consuming tasks. Let us save you time on this. When you create a YouTube video, all you need to do is link us the 'new video'. We will then work with a blog post writer to create a blog article. We also (re)write the title and meta description to optimise it for search engines like Google and Bing. We also use a royalty-free stock image for the featured image of your post."

Video Blog Landing Page Design

A blog landing page shows a list of your blog posts. We professionally design such a landing page.

Blog Post Template Design

A post template applies to every post. We design a unique post template tailored to your blog so that every post has a professional, consistent look-and-feel.