21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

The construction industry in Australia boasts an array of impressive websites that mirror the innovation and expertise of their respective companies. This blog article delves into 21 outstanding construction websites, highlighting each business’s primary offerings along with an in-depth look into their website’s design and functionality. From titans of the industry to specialists in niche sectors, these websites exemplify the best in digital presence, user engagement, and design excellence.


How We Select the 21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

In selecting the best construction websites, we considered several key aspects of web design. Firstly, visual appeal was paramount, as a website’s first impression can significantly impact user engagement. We looked for clean, professional aesthetics that align with each company’s branding. Secondly, functionality played a crucial role; sites that offered intuitive navigation, mobile responsiveness, and fast load times were preferred. Thirdly, content quality was examined: those with clear, concise information, displayed through engaging layouts with immersive galleries and interactive elements, ranked highly. Lastly, we valued innovativeness, favouring websites that leveraged the latest design trends and technologies to stand out from the competition. These criteria ensured that the listed websites not only provide an exemplary digital representation of the companies but also offer users an efficient, enjoyable experience that reflects the businesses’ standards of excellence.

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21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Pandanus Constructions

About the Business: Pandanus Constructions is a bespoke building company that specialises in creating unique, architecturally designed homes. They employ the latest in contemporary building materials and practices to construct modern, energy-efficient homes with comprehensive project management from concept to completion.

Web Design Highlights: The website of Pandanus Constructions showcases their expertise in various building services including custom-built homes, renovations, project management, and their involvement in the hospitality and retail construction sector. They emphasise their ability to realise the full potential of a home through renovations and extensions, and detail their project management approach which includes careful planning, execution, and closing of projects with a focus on resource management to achieve all project goals.

Website link: https://pandanusconstruct.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

AR Built

About the Business: AR Built Homes is dedicated to providing flexible, modern designs and finishes to the small to medium-density housing market on the Sunshine Coast. They emphasise trust in quality and a friendly, approachable service, ensuring a custom design process tailored to the client’s needs, leading to the completion of their new home within an affordable budget.

Web Design Highlights: The AR Built Homes website reflects their philosophy by showcasing their commitment to high industry standards. They highlight their relationships with professional tradespeople and suppliers, ensuring that every home is built to the highest quality standards.

Website link: https://arbuilthomes.com/

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21 Best Construction Websites in Australia


About the Business: Multiplex is a leading global contractor with expertise in creating complex, large-scale projects. They specialise in sectors ranging from commercial structures to high-rise residential buildings and infrastructure landmarks. Their portfolio spans across major cities in Australia, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and innovative construction solutions.

Web Design Highlights: The Multiplex website features a modern, clean design that emphasises large images and project showcases. It hosts intuitive navigation that guides users through their extensive project portfolio, service offerings, and company values. Interactive elements and a responsive layout enhance the user experience, making it simple to explore their global reach and local expertise.

Website link: https://www.multiplex.global

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia


About the Business: Lendlease is a leading international property and infrastructure group, with a presence in Australia and around the world. They have a strong focus on creating sustainable communities, innovative workspaces, and important infrastructure that enhance the way people live and work.

Web Design Highlights: The Lendlease website stands out with its user-centred design, incorporating striking visuals, engaging video content, and clear calls-to-action. The layout incorporates storytelling elements that highlight their commitment to sustainability and innovation, while the professionally structured content allows for seamless access to information about their projects and services.

Website link: https://www.lendlease.com/au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia


About the Business: Mirvac is a Sydney-based real estate group specialising in property development, investment, and asset management. Known for high-quality residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, Mirvac has established itself as a pioneer in the Australian property market.

Web Design Highlights: The Mirvac website embraces a sophisticated design aesthetic, reflective of their high-end property developments. The full-screen imagery, integrated video content, and polished typography come together to provide an immersive digital experience. The site has been carefully constructed to offer clear navigation pathways and quick access to project information.

Website link: https://www.mirvac.com/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

BGC Construction

About the Business: BGC Construction is part of the BGC Group, one of Australia’s large privately-owned companies. The group has diverse operations including construction, property development, and building materials supply. BGC Construction prides itself on quality building projects across commercial, residential, and civil sectors.

Web Design Highlights: The BGC Construction website reflects the brand’s straightforward and efficient approach to construction services. Its design fosters an easy-to-use experience with quick access to company information, showcasing their projects and capabilities through a clean, image-focused layout. Interactive elements like scrolling effects add a touch of dynamism to their online presence.

Website link: http://www.bgc.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Hutchinson Builders

About the Business: Hutchinson Builders, commonly known as Hutchies, is one of the largest privately-owned construction companies in Australia. Their services cover a variety of sectors including commercial, educational, and healthcare. With over a century of experience, Hutchies has built a reputation for delivering high-quality construction projects nationwide.

Web Design Highlights: The Hutchinson Builders website presents a personalised approach with a compelling mix of dynamic graphics and authentic job site photography that depicts real-life projects and team members. The design is interactive and responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices while putting their commitment to quality and community at the forefront.

Website link: https://www.hutchies.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia


About the Business: Watpac is a national construction and property development company, known for large-scale projects such as stadia, airports, and educational facilities. Their business approach combines expertise in construction, specialised capabilities, and an unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability.

Web Design Highlights: The Watpac website design is centred around functionality and visual storytelling. Prominent project imagery and detailed case studies provide insight into their capabilities. The site is structured to facilitate easy navigation, with a strong focus on user engagement and providing valuable information to clients and stakeholders.

Website link: https://www.watpac.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

CPB Contractors

About the Business: CPB Contractors is a leading construction company in Australia, operating across multiple sectors including infrastructure, resources, and building. They have delivered some of Australia’s most important projects and are distinguished by their commitment to safety, environmental sustainability, and the communities in which they operate.

Web Design Highlights: The CPB Contractors website emphasises functionality and detailed content. With an organisational structure that allows users to seamlessly browse through services and projects, the website also boasts a refined design with clear typography and industry-related imagery that captures the company’s scale and professionalism.

Website link: https://www.cpbcon.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

John Holland

About the Business: John Holland stands out as one of the nation’s leading engineering, contracting, and service providers to industries such as rail, building, and infrastructure. Their goal is to offer innovative solutions that ensure long-term, sustainable outcomes.

Web Design Highlights: The John Holland website offers a clean, authoritative layout, with a focus on big, bold imagery that captures the scale of their projects. Key information is presented through infographics and icons, which make complex information digestible. The overall design is built to reflect the innovative spirit of the company and its dedication to industry-leading solutions.

Website link: https://www.johnholland.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Laing O’Rourke

About the Business: Laing O’Rourke is an international construction company known for its innovative approach to engineering and construction. They are active in various sectors, including transport, healthcare, and energy, constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible within the industry.

Web Design Highlights: The Laing O’Rourke website is designed with an emphasis on their innovative corporate identity, featuring dynamic content, sharp imagery, and interactive elements. The full-width design and video backgrounds engage visitors, while the clear navigation system ensures information is always just a few clicks away.

Website link: http://www.laingorourke.com/

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21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Metricon Homes

About the Business: Metricon Homes is one of Australia’s largest home builders, renowned for their award-winning residential properties. They offer a diverse range of home designs tailored to an array of lifestyles and budgets, dedicated to helping Australians love where they live.

Web Design Highlights: The Metricon Homes website showcases an appealing aesthetic suited to potential home buyers. The user journey is finely crafted, with immersive galleries, detailed floor plans, and interactive design tools that enable users to visualise their dream home. The intuitive search functions and clear navigation enhance the overall customer experience.

Website link: https://www.metricon.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Fulton Hogan

About the Business: Fulton Hogan is a major infrastructure construction, roadworks, and aggregate supplier company with a strong reputation in Australia and New Zealand. They work on creating and connecting thriving communities through their innovative infrastructure projects.

Web Design Highlights: The Fulton Hogan website encapsulates their industrious ethos with a robust and direct design. High-quality project photography and structured content delivery clearly communicate their services and capabilities. The website is competitively modern, with a clear user interface that prioritises practicality and ease of access to important information.

Website link: https://www.fultonhogan.com/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia


About the Business: Grocon is a privately-owned development and construction group that prioritises sustainable and innovative building solutions. The company has been behind some of the most iconic high-rise buildings and complex projects across Australia.

Web Design Highlights: The Grocon website presents a sleek and fluid design which captures the company’s commitment to innovation. The website employs parallax scrolling, animated elements, and a comprehensive project showcase to provide a narrative of Grocon’s achievements and approach to development. A clear user experience and interface reflect Grocon’s leadership in the industry.

Website link: https://www.grocon.com/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Hansen Yuncken

About the Business: Hansen Yuncken is one of Australia’s leading commercial builders, with a strong presence across the country. They understand the importance of adapting to evolving markets and offer a wealth of experience across commercial, health, and education construction projects.

Web Design Highlights: The Hansen Yuncken website radiates professionalism and is geared towards showcasing their prominent projects with stunning imagery. The categorised portfolio and case studies give insight into their breadth of expertise, while the site provides an efficient user journey with strategic layout decisions that guide visitors through their extensive catalogue of services and past work.

Website link: https://www.hansenyuncken.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Cockram Construction

About the Business: Cockram Construction, part of the international construction services group ERA, delivers construction and project management services in sectors including health, commercial, and industrial. They have built a reputation for taking on challenging projects and executing them to the highest standards.

Web Design Highlights: The Cockram Construction website has a no-nonsense, corporate look that fits the industry it serves. Its design is streamlined for performance, providing quick load times and efficient navigation. The professional layout places a strong emphasis on showcasing their international presence and detailing their diverse project portfolio.

Website link: http://www.cockram.com/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

SHAPE Australia

About the Business: SHAPE Australia is a leader in workplace fit-out and refurbishment. They specialise in creating spaces that shape positive experiences for end-users and push the boundaries of traditional office environments.

Web Design Highlights: The SHAPE Australia website is visually driven, reflecting the company’s focus on aesthetic and design. The interactive elements, including hover effects and a filtered project gallery, effectively demonstrate SHAPE’s portfolio. The site’s clean, modern design, combined with user-friendly navigation, ensures an engaging and accessible experience for potential clients.

Website link: https://www.shapegroup.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Icon Construction

About the Business: Icon Construction is a diverse company that has expertise in residential, commercial, and aged care construction. Icon prides itself on delivering high-quality construction services while focusing on innovation, sustainability, and community collaboration.

Web Design Highlights: The Icon Construction website impresses with a stark, modern design that perfectly encapsulates their brand. It uses bold typography, interactive elements, and a thoughtful composition of project images to engage visitors. The clear layout and structured content guide users efficiently through their services, values, and achievements.

Website link: https://www.icon.co/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia


About the Business: Built is one of Australia’s most progressive construction, refurbishment, and fit-out companies. Built has a reputation for delivering projects that include some of Australia’s most iconic buildings and complex environments for business, retail, and culture.

Web Design Highlights: The Built website showcases a sophisticated and contemporary design with a strong visual identity. It features full-screen high-resolution project images, clean lines, and crisp content presentation, reflecting their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. The overall design of the website resonates with their brand message of constructing exceptional environments.

Website link: https://www.built.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

ADCO Constructions

About the Business: ADCO Constructions is a leading national construction company that has successfully delivered projects across every sector, including retail, health, and education. With a focus on quality and client satisfaction, ADCO builds not just structures, but enduring partnerships.

Web Design Highlights: The website for ADCO Constructions impresses with its uncluttered and user-friendly interface. The site uses strong imagery of their diverse range of projects to create an immediate impact, while detailed case studies provide depth and insight into their expertise. It provides straightforward navigation to ensure visitors can easily find the information they are looking for.

Website link: https://www.adcoconstruct.com.au/

21 Best Construction Websites in Australia

Hindmarsh Construction

About the Business: Hindmarsh Construction is well-known in Australia for delivering exceptional construction and property development projects. Their expertise spans across commercial, residential, and retirement living developments, with an emphasis on creating value and superior outcomes for stakeholders.

Web Design Highlights: The Hindmarsh Construction website operates on simplicity and functionality. It mirrors the company’s professional image with a structured layout that cleanly presents their services, sectors, and selected projects. Adequate whitespace and a cohesive colour scheme contribute to the site’s readability and appeal. An effective information hierarchy ensures visitors can easily comprehend the breadth of Hindmarsh’s experience.

Website link: http://www.hindmarsh.com.au/


The digital landscape of the Australian construction industry is as varied and sophisticated as the projects these top companies undertake. The 21 websites selected and explored in this blog article are at the forefront of web design in the sector, setting a benchmark for effectiveness and creativity. They serve as prime examples of how construction companies can leverage digital platforms to showcase their work, communicate their values, and engage with stakeholders in a meaningful way. By marrying form with function, these websites become powerful tools that empower their businesses and enable users to experience the brand’s persona firsthand.

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