20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

In today’s digital age, the importance of a well-designed website for law firms cannot be overstated. It serves as the digital front door, offering the first impression to potential clients and playing a crucial role in establishing credibility and professionalism. Recognising this, our latest article delves into the 20 best law firm websites in Australia. Each of these websites stands out for its exceptional design, ease of use, and effective communication of the firm’s values and expertise. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own law firm’s website or just curious about the best in the industry, this article is a must-read. Join us as we explore these top-tier websites that not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s discerning online audience.


How We Select the 20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Our selection of the top law firm websites in Australia was based on a comprehensive analysis of web design principles and user experience metrics. The criteria focused on aspects such as aesthetic appeal, responsiveness, ease of navigation, content organisation, and the overall functionality that enhances user engagement. These websites display a harmonious balance between visual elements and text, provide clear access to information, and are optimised for various devices. Additionally, interactive features, quality imagery, well-integrated branding elements, and the site’s ability to convey each firm’s unique attributes were considered crucial. The selected websites represent the pinnacle of combining legal professionalism with innovative digital design to effectively serve and connect with clients.

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20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Lander & Rogers

About the Business: Lander & Rogers is a leading independent Australian law firm operating nationally from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. It provides a full range of legal services to corporate, public sector, and private clients, particularly known for excellence in the insurance, health, and government sectors.

Web Design Highlights: The website for Lander & Rogers offers a clean, modern design that immediately presents a professional image. With intuitive navigation, robust search functionality, and a responsive layout, the design facilitates easy access to key information for clients. The strategic use of brand colours and dynamic content such as news and insights showcases the firm’s thought leadership in legal matters.

Website link: https://www.landers.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

About the Business: Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is one of Australia’s leading social justice law firms. Known for their commitment to the fair treatment of all individuals, they specialise in personal injury, class actions, employment, superannuation claims, and more, offering ‘no win, no fee’ services where applicable.

Web Design Highlights: Maurice Blackburn’s website is centred around client accessibility and ease. The assertive use of colour and large, readable fonts amplifies the firm’s advocacy for clients’ rights, while the straightforward presentation of information and case categories streamlines the user experience. Online tools such as compensation calculators aid in user engagement.

Website link: https://www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

King & Wood Mallesons

About the Business: King & Wood Mallesons is a multinational law firm headquartered in Asia, providing top-tier legal services across a multitude of practice areas. They are pioneers in the region, with an impressive portfolio of local and international clients, driving growth through innovation.

Web Design Highlights: The King & Wood Mallesons website exudes sophistication with a global outlook. The sleek interface and contemporary layout reflect the firm’s innovative approach. Thoughtfully segmented content areas allow for quick information retrieval, and visual elements like video and rich imagery provide a more immersive experience.

Website link: https://www.kwm.com/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Clayton Utz

About the Business: Clayton Utz is one of Australia’s foremost commercial and pro bono law firms, providing a comprehensive range of legal services across various sectors. Committed to the highest levels of legal excellence, the firm prides itself on its client-driven approach and depth of expertise.

Web Design Highlights: Clayton Utz’s website showcases an excellent balance of formality and approachability. Site users are greeted with a rotating carousel of the latest insights and firm highlights, while the user-friendly layout ensures that resources and firm information are effortlessly navigable. Interactive elements and a clean aesthetic enhance its professional appearance.

Website link: https://www.claytonutz.com/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Gilbert + Tobin

About the Business: Gilbert + Tobin is a leading transactional, regulatory, and disputes law firm noted for its work in the corporate, finance, and technological fields. With a strategic focus on dynamic markets, they provide innovative legal solutions to high-profile Australian and international clients.

Web Design Highlights: Gilbert + Tobin’s website stands out through its bold use of white space and vibrant colour accents, reflecting the firm’s forward-thinking mindset. The user-centric design prioritises ease of access to legal insights and articles, promoting engagement while ensuring visitors can find relevant information swiftly and hassle-free.

Website link: https://www.gtlaw.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Herbert Smith Freehills

About the Business: Herbert Smith Freehills is a global law firm that offers a wide array of services, with particular strengths in dispute resolution and litigation. They cater to an impressive portfolio of clients and excel in delivering creative and strategic legal solutions across diverse sectors.

Web Design Highlights: The Herbert Smith Freehills website boasts an international and refined feel. Consistency in branding and structured content areas denotes a professional and reliable resource, while their commitment to innovation is reflected in the usability of the site. The expansive resources and thought leadership pieces are smartly compartmentalised for user convenience.

Website link: https://www.herbertsmithfreehills.com/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia


About the Business: MinterEllison is one of the largest full-service law firms in the Asia-Pacific, offering legal services that assist clients in navigating complex legal landscapes. Their expertise spans corporate, dispute resolution, and a wide spectrum of other specialties.

Web Design Highlights: The MinterEllison website provides a crisp and engaging user interface that is indicative of the firm’s sophisticated brand. The layout promotes accessibility to essential services and insights. With strategic placement of news and publication highlights, the design encourages users to explore the firm’s breadth of knowledge and expertise.

Website link: https://www.minterellison.com/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

About the Business: Corrs Chambers Westgarth stands out as an independent Australian law firm with a strong track record of innovation and quality in legal service delivery. They serve an impressive list of clients and offer solutions that span the entire legal landscape.

Web Design Highlights: The website for Corrs Chambers Westgarth offers an elite and minimalist approach that reflects their dedication to excellence. The homepage effectively communicates the firm’s value proposition with a compelling and clean design language. Clear navigation paths ensure potential clients and top talent can discover relevant information with ease.

Website link: https://www.corrs.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia


About the Business: Allens is a premier law firm providing services across the Asia-Pacific region. With a rich history and a suite of legal services covering corporate, financial, and resources sectors, the firm boasts strong partnerships with both local and international clients.

Web Design Highlights: Allens’ website delivers a rich and polished experience, filled with professional imagery and streamlined navigation. The site portrays the firm’s brand effectively, using a detailed mega menu to guide users to practice areas and sector expertise. Subtle animations and a coherent layout present information in a digestible format.

Website link: https://www.allens.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Ashurst Australia

About the Business: Ashurst is a leading global law firm with a rich heritage and a presence in each of the world’s major financial centres. They are renowned for providing advice on high-level legal matters, with a particular focus on corporate, finance, and dispute resolution services.

Web Design Highlights: The Ashurst Australia website provides a corporate, premium look that embodies the firm’s reputation for professionalism. The use of striking hero images and dynamic content like podcasts and publications emphasise their engagement with current legal trends. The site is optimised for performance, offering potential clients a seamless experience.

Website link: https://www.ashurst.com/en/

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20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

McCullough Robertson

About the Business: McCullough Robertson is a premier independent Australian law firm with deep expertise in the resources and agribusiness sectors. They offer a complete suite of legal services and are dedicated to creating lasting partnerships with their clients.

Web Design Highlights: McCullough Robertson’s website presents a user-friendly experience with its clear-cut interface and modern design. The homepage immediately communicates their industry focus, while the site-wide consistency in visuals and typography reinforces their brand identity. Detailed practice areas and insights are just a click away, showcasing the firm’s expertise and resources.

Website link: https://www.mccullough.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Mills Oakley

About the Business: Mills Oakley is a fast-growing Australian commercial law firm, offering innovative and results-driven legal services across a broad range of sectors. The firm is reputed for its excellent service and client-focused approach.

Web Design Highlights: The website of Mills Oakley stands out with a modern and dynamic design that reflects the progressive nature of the firm. Easy-to-use menus and a mobile-responsive layout ensure all users enjoy a seamless experience. The site’s content strategy, focusing on sharp, concise messaging, positions them as thought leaders in the legal space.

Website link: https://www.millsoakley.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Arnold Bloch Leibler

About the Business: Arnold Bloch Leibler is a respected Australian law firm known for its strategic legal advice and representation in commercial, corporate, and taxation matters. They service a diverse clientele, including public and private companies, government entities, and individuals.

Web Design Highlights: Arnold Bloch Leibler’s website provides a simple yet effective design, with a focus on ease of accessibility to the firm’s key areas of practice and latest insights. The design utilises clean lines and a professional colour scheme that aligns with their prestigious brand.

Website link: https://www.abl.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Hall & Wilcox

About the Business: Hall & Wilcox is a leading independent law firm famed for its business acumen and legal expertise. They cater to both corporate and private clients across various practice areas and pride themselves on their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Web Design Highlights: The Hall & Wilcox website is characterised by a sophisticated design that engages visitors with a vibrant mix of images, success stories, and clear calls to action. The structured layout and intuitive navigation guide users to explore the firm’s extensive legal services and thought leadership.

Website link: https://www.hallandwilcox.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Holding Redlich

About the Business: Holding Redlich is a large and diverse national law firm renowned for its expertise in the construction, real estate, and government sectors. They deliver tailored solutions and maintain long-standing relationships with their clients.

Web Design Highlights: The Holding Redlich website makes an immediate impression with its bold use of colour and large, impactful images. With a focus on user-friendliness, the design provides easy access to attorney profiles, practice areas, and the firm’s latest updates, all within a professional and appealing format.

Website link: https://www.holdingredlich.com/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia


About the Business: Maddocks is a full-service Australian firm, providing astute and commercial legal services to government, corporates, and non-profits. They are acclaimed not only for their legal expertise but also their commitment to client service and ethical practices.

Web Design Highlights: The Maddocks website stands out with its minimalist design and asymmetrical layout that capture user interest. The balance between engaging visuals and concise content creates an inviting digital experience, while the intuitive navigation ensures information is readily available for all types of users.

Website link: https://www.maddocks.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

About the Business: HWL Ebsworth Lawyers is an integrated full-service corporate and commercial law firm renowned for delivering high-quality legal services at competitive rates. They pride themselves on their efficient, practical approach to legal counsel and representation.

Web Design Highlights: HWL Ebsworth’s website emphasises the firm’s expertise with a straightforward and professional design. Its user-centric approach allows for effortless interaction, while the diverse array of services are showcased through clean menus and detailed pages, which facilitates potential clients in making informed decisions.

Website link: https://www.hwlebsworth.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers

About the Business: Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers is a significant Queensland-based firm providing comprehensive legal services to businesses, individuals, and the government. Known for their collaborative approach, they endeavour to build strong relationships with clients.

Web Design Highlights: The Cooper Grace Ward website merges functionality with an eye-catching design. The welcoming layout, coupled with informative content and clear navigation, ensures a user-focused online journey. The professional tone is complemented by warm imagery, reflecting the firm’s personable approach.

Website link: https://www.cgw.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Moray & Agnew Lawyers

About the Business: Recognised for their insurance law expertise, Moray & Agnew is one of Australia’s leading specialist law firms. They also have a robust practice across commercial litigation, employment, and workplace relations, and have built an excellent reputation through their client services.

Web Design Highlights: The design of the Moray & Agnew website is focused on accessibility and clarity, with a refined colour palette that aligns with the corporate identity. The layout facilitates direct access to the firm’s insights and areas of practice, while detailed attorney bios provide a personal touch.

Website link: https://www.moray.com.au/

20 Best Law Firm Websites in Australia

Gadens Lawyers

About the Business: Gadens Lawyers is a significant Australian law firm providing a wide range of legal services and specialising in business and commercial law. With a strong emphasis on building close partnerships, they strive to deliver practical and tailored legal solutions.

Web Design Highlights: The Gadens Lawyers website is designed with a contemporary and fresh aesthetic. The strategic use of whitespace and colour guides the eyes through the site’s content, emphasising the firm’s expertise. The user experience is elevated by interactive elements and straightforward pathways to the firm’s services and professionals.

Website link: https://www.gadens.com/


In conclusion, the 20 best law firm websites in Australia that we have featured demonstrate the importance of compelling web design in the legal industry. These sites not only embody the professional identity of each firm but also serve as an essential tool for client relations and business development. A well-designed website is crucial for law firms seeking to make a lasting impression in an increasingly digital world. The firms included in this list have set the standard for what it means to have outstanding digital presence, balancing aesthetics, functionality, and innovation to deliver an exceptional online user experience.

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