Best Landscaping Websites in Australia

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In the sprawling landscapes of Australia, where natural beauty meets urban innovation, landscaping plays a pivotal role in creating harmonious outdoor spaces. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to transform your backyard oasis or a gardening enthusiast seeking inspiration, the internet has become a treasure trove of landscaping knowledge and expertise. In this comprehensive guide, we present “DIGITALON’s Top 21 Picks: Best Landscaping Websites in Australia.” These online resources offer a wealth of information, from design inspiration to professional services, making them essential for anyone embarking on a landscaping journey.


1. The Lawnfeed Company

The Lawnfeed Company, situated in Buderim, is your reliable source for top-notch lawn feed and care services on the scenic Sunshine Coast. 

Dedicated to ensuring your lawn remains vibrant and healthy, The Lawnfeed Company recognizes that a well-maintained lawn is more than just grass; it’s an integral part of your outdoor space, providing a canvas for various outdoor activities and enhancing natural beauty.

With a team of seasoned professionals who share a passion for lawn care, they offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the specific needs of each client’s lawn. Their services encompass fertilisation, weed control, pest management, lawn restoration, and more.

For further details about their services, pricing, or any lawn-related inquiries, interested individuals can easily get in touch with The Lawnfeed Company at They are always available to address lawn care needs and offer guidance for maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn.

At The Lawnfeed Company, their mission goes beyond lawn care; they are dedicated to creating and preserving outdoor spaces that clients can fully enjoy and take pride in. Your lawn is their utmost priority, and they are determined to make it the best it can be.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


2. Houzz Australia

Houzz began as a result of Adi and Alon’s home renovation project. Like many people, they initially relied on magazines and referrals from friends to find home improvement professionals. However, this approach proved ineffective, leaving them feeling stuck and frustrated. As a solution to this problem, they created Houzz—a platform where users can explore and save captivating photos of homes, connect with suitable design and construction experts, and interact with a community of like-minded individuals who’ve faced similar challenges. What started as a side project has since evolved into a thriving global community, comprising millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals.

Whether you’re decorating a small space or embarking on a custom home construction project, Houzz is your go-to source for design inspiration, professional research and hiring, and discovering the right products to complete your projects. Additionally, for home professionals, Houzz Pro (available at offers an effective solution to stand out, attract clients, and efficiently manage projects for profitability.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


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3. Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) 

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) serves as a unifying force for landscape architects across Australia, from independent practitioners to internationally renowned firms, encompassing various sectors including local and state government. Established in 1966, AILA acts as the preeminent representative body for landscape architects, advocating for their interests at the highest levels of government. Governed by a board of directors, supported by state chapters, AILA strives to foster knowledge sharing, uphold professional standards, influence policy, and enhance the public’s appreciation of the field. With a commitment to creating sustainable, self-sustaining landscapes, AILA endeavors to protect, restore, and advocate for these vital natural spaces in collaboration with communities and fellow professionals. In doing so, they contribute to the creation of healthier communities and a more sustainable planet.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


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4. Landscaping Australia

When individuals opt for Landscaping Australia for their residential and commercial landscaping needs, they receive unparalleled customer service and product quality. The company has a proven track record of delivering dependable landscaping services in various locations, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, and Adelaide.

Their comprehensive range of paving services encompasses pool paving, landscaping, retaining walls, and more.

Landscaping Services for Families:

To embark on a landscaping project with one’s family, it’s essential to begin by envisioning the desired outcome and determining which part of the house or yard to focus on. This initial planning phase is crucial for achieving a cohesive and structured result. The concept behind family landscaping is to make it budget-friendly. Embrace resourcefulness and work with existing assets rather than making extensive purchases. This is where creativity can truly shine.

One effective way to transform the yard, as suggested by Paper Pot Transplanter, is to create a seamless transition by maintaining a well-kept lawn and adding fencing along the edges. The space between the lawn and the fence can be utilized for planting flowers. If the area permits, consider incorporating features like a hammock between trees—an ideal spot for relaxation with a good book and a refreshing drink. Enhance the patio by introducing a study table or, for those fully dedicated, constructing a treehouse, which children typically adore as a hideout. Alternatively, hang a tire swing for added fun. If you plan to continue gardening, establish a kitchen garden and cultivate edibles. To attract birds and create a tranquil atmosphere, consider adding a small pond, which doesn’t need to be massive to be aesthetically pleasing.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


5. SKS Landscaping

SKS Landscaping has the expertise to transform your backyard, making it the perfect spot for barbeques with friends. Their journey began in 2013, and since then, they’ve provided a range of garden and landscaping services to Sydney and its neighboring areas. With years of industry experience, they possess the necessary skills, products, and expert guidance to breathe new life into your garden.

They offer an extensive array of top-notch, trustworthy, and affordable services tailored to residential properties.

Why Choose SKS Landscaping:

  • Proficient in garden construction and design
  • Free measurements and quotes
  • Personalized landscape designs
  • Uncompromising commitment to quality craftsmanship
  • Available for service 7 days a week
Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


6. Sydney Turf & Landscaping Specialists

Sydney Turf & Landscaping Specialists is a reputable landscaping company in Sydney, offering a wide range of residential and commercial design services. With a strong local presence and professional expertise, they aim to create landscape garden designs in Sydney that precisely align with clients’ expectations. Their team takes immense pride in every project, whether it’s a small backyard renovation or a large-scale commercial landscaping venture.

The experienced landscapers at Sydney Turf & Landscaping Specialists collaborate with clients to transform their ideas into tangible designs. Once the plan is agreed upon, they handle all aspects of the project, from sourcing materials to project management, ensuring a stress-free experience for clients who can then enjoy their new outdoor space promptly.

Their services encompass landscape garden designs for both new and existing properties. Whether clients seek a fresh garden creation from scratch or the renovation of an existing one, Sydney Turf & Landscaping Specialists is equipped to deliver.

The company extends its expertise to various sectors, including hotels, motels, unit blocks, retail outlets, industrial complexes, and public spaces. Regardless of the project’s size, their team of skilled landscapers and designers takes projects from conception to completion, delivering low-maintenance landscapes on time and within budget.

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Sydney Turf & Landscaping Specialists specializes in garden design and landscape construction services in Sydney and its surroundings. They have the capability to transform clients’ ideas into visually appealing outdoor spaces that align with their requirements. Their services cover both residential and commercial landscape designs, including project management for properties of all sizes.

Services Overview:

  • Garden Design Services: From small backyard renovations to large acreage property landscaping, they offer competitively priced design solutions tailored to clients’ needs.
  • Landscape Construction Services: They provide professional landscape construction services for residential and commercial properties, ensuring the right image is presented to the public through services like turf laying, retaining walls, and pathway construction.

Sydney Turf & Landscaping Specialists also offer a range of additional services, including garden renovations, tree lopping, stump grinding, rubbish removal, concreting, irrigation, turf installation, and garden maintenance.

For landscape design, construction, and garden design services in Sydney, as well as landscape garden design ideas and solutions, they encourage clients to reach out for a free quote or complete their online inquiry form. The team is eager to discuss landscaping needs and solutions in Sydney.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


7. Normark Landscapes 

Normark, a family-owned business established in 1977, specializes in landscape design and construction in Melbourne. They emphasize a seamless client experience, overseeing the entire garden design process, from landscape design and architecture to landscape construction and garden maintenance.

Normark’s approach begins with a comprehensive design phase, considering all aspects crucial for a successful connection between lifestyle and home. They start with an initial landscaping consultation, followed by a design concept presentation, detailing planting options, material selections, and image mood boards. Once finalized, the design is transformed into comprehensive documentation for construction, including elevations, site levels, construction specifications, as well as planting, lighting, and irrigation plans.

Throughout the construction phase, Normark maintains strong client communication, providing progress reports and a detailed production plan. They prioritize quality, paying meticulous attention to detail, and their status as a registered builder underscores their commitment to excellence in the Melbourne landscaping industry. Their goal is to exceed client expectations and ensure a seamless and enjoyable construction experience.

Normark also emphasizes the importance of ongoing garden maintenance, recognizing that the best gardens require time, patience, and professional care. Their horticulture team offers tailored proposals for garden upkeep to help clients realize their garden’s full potential.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia



Myles Baldwin Design is a landscape architecture firm that places a strong emphasis on tailoring each garden and landscape to the unique characteristics of the site. Rather than adhering to popular trends, they prioritize creating outdoor spaces that harmonize with the architecture, the owners’ preferences, the intended purpose, and sustainability requirements of each location.

The firm’s bespoke approach is highly sought after, particularly for specialized and heritage projects, including notable ones such as ‘Boomerang’ in Elizabeth Bay, ‘Lake House’ in Tasmania, ‘The Speakers Garden’ at NSW Parliament House, and the Eastern Terrace at NSW Government House. Their willingness to push the boundaries of architecture-enhanced landscape design has fostered successful collaborations with prominent architects and designers across Australia, including BKH, Tobias Partners, SJB, Greg Natale, Smith & Tzannes, Powell & Glenn, Inglis Architects, BE Architecture, MHNDU, Smart Design, and others.

Based in Redfern, Sydney, Myles Baldwin Design undertakes projects not only across Australia but also internationally.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


9. MG Gardens

Meg Geary, the founder of MG Gardens, is driven by a philosophy centered on crafting unique and aesthetically pleasing gardens tailored to each client’s specific needs, house architecture, and the surrounding landscape. With a strong background in horticulture, she brings a rich and diverse planting palette to her projects, carefully selecting plants that complement the garden’s style, site conditions, and the client’s lifestyle.

Meg’s journey into the world of plants began in childhood and culminated in the completion of a Horticulture Degree at Melbourne University’s Burnley Campus. She gained practical experience by working in various retail nurseries across Melbourne, including Gill’s Nursery Brighton and Town and Country Gardens Malvern. Her horticultural career also led her to nurseries in Alice Springs and Ireland.

Driven by her passion for design, Meg pursued a Cert IV Applied Design at NMIT, which allowed her to combine her extensive horticultural knowledge with design principles to create thoughtful and beautifully designed gardens. During her time at NMIT, she received accolades in design competitions, including the 2013 AILDM Student Design Awards and the 2013 Landscaping Victoria Student Design competition, which she eventually won at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Meg further refined her skills by working with renowned designers such as Paul Bangay and Ian Barker in plant procurement and planting design before taking the leap to establish her own design business. Her accomplishments include a bronze medal for the ‘Harmony’ Landscape Show Garden, a collaborative project with Ben Harris Gardens at the 2018 Melbourne Flower and Garden Show. Her portfolio showcases a wide range of projects, from compact inner-city gardens to expansive rural landscapes. Additionally, Meg has made appearances on radio garden shows, including 3AW, and has contributed articles to industry publications.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


10. Spirit Level

Spirit Level is a boutique Sydney-based landscape design firm that offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing garden design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. The team comprises accomplished landscape architects, designers, artists, stonemasons, carpenters, and horticulturalists.

Their approach consistently begins with an in-depth exploration of the site, with a keen focus on understanding its unique ambiance and character. They draw inspiration from the site’s geographical attributes, surrounding architecture, orientation, historical context, narrative, plant life, and any distinctive elements it possesses.

Spirit Level’s hallmark lies in crafting gardens that seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings while creating a welcoming space for those who will inhabit them. Additionally, they frequently collaborate with some of Australia’s leading architects to complement and effectively interpret their clients’ design requirements.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


11. Secret Gardens

Secret Gardens takes pride in offering a personalized and professionally executed service, emphasizing effective communication and meticulous attention to detail. They excel in the organic and time-intensive process of garden creation, always mindful of the trust placed in them by their clients.

Their clientele is diverse, yet they share a common appreciation for well-considered and thoughtfully designed gardens. Secret Gardens collaborates closely with clients to understand their lifestyles and carefully balances their requirements with architectural and environmental considerations, whether in urban or natural settings.

The firm is known for its intelligent design solutions that celebrate each client’s uniqueness. They combine precision in details and quality materials with inventive planting schemes that inspire.

Since 1994, Secret Gardens has been a prominent player in the industry, offering a wide range of services. Their team comprises full-time landscape architects, designers, construction specialists, and experienced horticulturists. They also collaborate with a network of consultants and contractors to ensure projects meet the highest industry standards, offering clients a complete turnkey solution with comprehensive project management.

While their primary focus is the residential market in Sydney, their projects vary in style, scale, and location, extending beyond their local market to include regional and interstate locations. They embrace diverse and challenging projects, whether they involve small courtyard gardens, rooftop gardens, or expansive landscapes, including acreage properties.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


12. WYER & CO

WYER & CO stands as an integrated landscape design practice founded by Anthony Wyer in 2005, located in Sydney. Their multidisciplinary team includes architects, designers, horticulturists, and construction specialists who collaborate closely with clients to conceive, construct, and maintain exceptional landscapes tailored to extraordinary homes.

Their designs are characterized by their multi-layered, captivating, and occasionally unexpected nature. They draw upon a deep well of horticultural and ecological knowledge, an innate understanding of Sydney’s lifestyle and climate, and a profound appreciation for the unique aspirations and personalities of the residents.

At the heart of WYER & CO’s philosophy is the belief that landscapes wield significant power as a medium to connect people with their surroundings, to tell stories across time, and to enhance the quality of outdoor living.

Each landscape created by Wyer & Co is a bespoke response to the people and the environment it serves. Their approach is anchored in a holistic consideration of the environment, ecosystems, historical context, and a forward-looking vision.

Their integrated service model ensures close collaboration between their designers and construction team, enabling the interpretation and execution of complex landscape designs with meticulous attention to every aspect of the build.

Furthermore, their maintenance teams comprise trained horticulturists and plant specialists who, with their knowledge and expertise, nurture the landscapes created by WYER & CO and guide their ongoing evolution.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


13. Luma Landscapes

Luma Landscapes by Lachie Anderson operates from Richmond, Melbourne, offering a comprehensive design and construction service that caters to a wide range of preferences, spanning from contemporary to traditional garden styles. Lachie Anderson, a graduate of Burnley, boasts over two decades of experience in the industry.

The company boasts a qualified team of employees renowned for delivering top-notch workmanship across various construction aspects, including paving, lighting, brickwork, irrigation, drainage, electrical installations, planting, pond creation, pergolas, feature walls, and garden maintenance. They take pride in their extensive list of highly satisfied clients, many of whom are willing to serve as references. Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out to inquire about their design and construction services.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


14. Kate Seddon

Kate Seddon Landscape Design, located in Melbourne, Australia, is dedicated to the creation of gardens designed for the art of living. Combining design and horticultural expertise, the firm places a strong emphasis on planting design and the selection of plants and materials that harmonize with the environment, reflecting a more sustainable approach to garden design.

Their portfolio includes commissioned projects encompassing a diverse range of gardens across Melbourne’s suburbs, the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, the Surf Coast, and even interstate locations. These projects vary in style and scale, from intimate courtyards to expansive landscapes. Regardless of the project’s size, their approach consistently begins with attentive listening and on-site observation, taking into account the architectural context, surroundings, site conditions, household style, and a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and preferences.

Kate Seddon Landscape Design aspires to deliver gardens that establish a genuine connection between the home and its occupants, transforming them into engaging and delightful spaces.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


15. Bell Landscapes

Bell Landscapes, a prominent firm located in Sydney, specializes in garden design, project installation, and horticultural garden maintenance for residential and boutique commercial endeavors.

Their unwavering dedication is directed towards their clients, with a core belief that their success hinges on fostering strong relationships with clients and collaborators, coupled with the consistent craftsmanship they provide. Bell Landscapes prides itself on its integrity and enjoys endorsements from award-winning architects, builders, landscape architects, and interior designers. They welcome discussions about potential projects with clients who seek a company built on trust and excellence.

The firm firmly holds that every project, client’s vision, and site location presents a unique and inspiring opportunity for both parties involved. Their approach centers around the importance of relationships, and many clients have become long-term patrons of their services, spanning numerous years.

The team at Bell Landscapes places great emphasis on punctual and budget-conscious project delivery. Their ultimate objective is to craft a stunning outdoor environment that clients can relish, all while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey throughout the process.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


16. Dapple Designs

Dapple Designs  architectural firm relies on a versatile team to craft exquisite landscape plans tailored to meet their clients’ needs. With a closely-knit group of industry specialists, they are dedicated to delivering top-tier service and exceptional outcomes.

The firm is led by Julian Saw, a renowned landscape designer and company director. His expertise lies in creating distinctive designs for high-end residential clients. Julian’s skill set has been honed through his work in crafting and maintaining award-winning outdoor environments at prestigious locations like the Royal Botanic Gardens and the University of Sydney. With his wealth of experience and creative flair, Julian possesses the capability to transform your dream garden into reality.

Since 2013, their team of expert landscape designers, horticulturists, and landscape gardeners has developed efficient processes that ensure projects are completed on schedule. This streamlined approach to crafting custom-designed gardens and outdoor spaces has resulted in a substantial number of returning clients who appreciate their unique blend of efficiency and innovative creativity.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


17. Bates Design

Starting as a modest duo of designers, their practice has blossomed into a thriving studio comprising five professionals in the year 2022. They are poised to craft a serene oasis in the midst of a desert or carve out a tranquil clearing within a forest, all to complement and elevate the overall design of your residence. Drawing from their extensive understanding of both Australian and global landscape trends, combined with their profound horticultural knowledge, this talented team is well-equipped to bring to life a garden that surpasses your wildest imagination.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


18. Landscape Solutions

Landscape Solutions is a seasoned team of landscapers with a journey that began in 1993. Originating in Sydney, their presence soon expanded to encompass Brisbane and Melbourne. It was in 2017 that they officially planted their roots in Auckland. Over the years since their inception, the team has experienced remarkable growth in both their numbers and the expertise of their members.

They specialize in commercial landscaping, providing a comprehensive range of services that span from landscape construction to the maintenance of commercial landscapes. Their expertise extends to sports turf and golf course management, construction projects, synthetic surfaces, and irrigation management. When it comes to landscaping, they are the go-to choice for excellence.

Collaborating with Landscape Solutions ensures the creation of awe-inspiring open spaces that promote the well-being of future generations. Their work leaves a lasting impression on your property, conveying the right message about your business to customers. Their portfolio includes parks adorned with vibrant annuals, impeccably tidy streetscapes, and spacious sporting fields that attract crowds. Their scope of work is extensive and filled with excitement.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


19. Love Landscapes

Love Landscapes operates as a landscape design and construction enterprise nestled in Lane Cove, situated within Sydney’s verdant North Shore region. Their unwavering commitment is centered on providing top-notch services to transform your landscaping visions into reality.

With a collective experience spanning over 18 years in the realms of residential and commercial landscaping, their team boasts a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and competencies required to execute projects with precision. Comprising qualified tradespeople, this team is continuously evolving, embracing novel skills, techniques, and imaginative concepts, ensuring they remain dynamic and pioneering in their field.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


20. Melaleuca Landscapes

Melaleuca Landscapes represents a landscape design and construction firm situated in the Northern Beaches region, under the ownership and operation of Sandy Kerr.

Sandy Kerr, with a profound background spanning over 30 years in landscape design and construction within the Sydney landscape arena, has cultivated a flourishing enterprise. His team comprises dedicated professional tradesmen and benefits from his extensive expertise in horticulture and business management. Under Sandy’s guidance, Melaleuca Landscapes has evolved into a renowned and award-winning landscaping entity located on the picturesque Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


21. Landscaping Victoria

The decision to establish a landscapers association was reached during a meeting involving various stakeholders on July 21, 1966. Despite being competitors, this group united to create the association, aiming to distinguish themselves in the market and improve industry recognition and wage rates.

The inaugural steering committee meeting for what was then called the Landscape Contractors Association took place on August 22, 1966. During this meeting, there was a broad discussion on the association’s formation and its primary objectives. As a result of this discussion, several key points were established:

  • Name – The name “Landscape Contractors Association,” as agreed upon during the founding meeting, was officially adopted.
  • Membership – Membership in the association was limited to individuals fully engaged as employers or self-employed professionals in garden design, construction, and maintenance.

Since its modest beginnings, the association and the industry it represents have undergone significant changes, including name changes and an increase in membership. However, the original goals and passion for the industry remain intact.

Landscaping Victoria ‘Master Landscapers’ is a forward-thinking organization comprising dedicated professionals within the dynamic and growing landscaping industry. Its membership includes commercial and residential landscape contractors, landscape designers, students, educators, as well as landscape service and product suppliers.

In this multi-billion dollar industry, they share a common objective: to promote the association’s standards of ‘Quality, Pride, and Professionalism.’ Over the past five decades, Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers has evolved into a formidable entity with a growing public presence, the ability to provide substantial benefits to its members, and the influence to effectively shape industry trends and standards.

Members of Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers believe that the best way to serve the broader community’s interests is by adhering to a Code of Ethics. This code recognizes that community trust in the landscaping industry is strengthened through:

  • Honesty and Courtesy
  • Skill and Competence
  • Integrity in both work and industry-related matters
Best Landscaping Websites in Australia


In the vast and diverse landscapes of Australia, landscaping emerges as a crucial art form, uniting nature’s splendor with urban ingenuity. The digital age has ushered in an era where landscaping wisdom and creativity are readily accessible to homeowners and gardening aficionados alike. This guide, “DIGITALON’s Top 21 Picks: Best Landscaping Websites in Australia,” has meticulously curated a selection of online resources that transcend mere websites. They serve as portals to a world of landscaping possibilities, encompassing design inspiration and professional services. As we explore these digital havens, it becomes evident that they are indispensable companions for those embarking on the captivating journey of landscaping in Australia.

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