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Discover the Future of Social Media Marketing: Intelligent, Budget-Friendly AI Solutions

Elevate Your Social Media Presence with Cost-Effective, AI-Driven Solutions

Unlock the potential of your social media marketing with our cutting-edge AI technology. Our intelligent tools optimise content creation for all major platforms, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to craft captivating posts that resonate with your target audience. From generating engaging captions and hashtags to selecting eye-catching visuals, our AI system seamlessly adapts to your brand’s unique voice. Experience a streamlined content process that offers diverse post variations and effortless integration with your preferred scheduling tools, empowering you to maximise your online presence while saving time and resources.

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Fully Automated Social Media Post Generation Australia

Unlock the potential of a truly hands-off social media experience with our AI-powered Social Media Content Generator. From the initial configuration to the continuous creation of content, we take care of every aspect. This eliminates the need to worry about content strategy or implementation – simply enjoy the seamless, streamlined delivery of top-notch, SEO-optimised social media posts.

Our comprehensive service guarantees that your online presence remains consistently captivating and expanding, all while requiring minimal input from you. Allow us to take control, and witness your social media platforms thrive under the influence of AI automation.

Maximising Engagement Through AI-Driven Content Creation

At the heart of every thriving social media campaign lies captivating content. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI-powered design tools, we craft visually striking posts that connect with your target audience and align with your marketing goals.

Our strategy involves collaborating closely with you to establish a content aesthetic that not only embodies your brand’s personality but also accommodates your specific objectives. Whether your aim is to increase brand recognition, direct traffic to your website, or cultivate leads, our AI-guided design approach is calibrated to generate persuasive posts that effectively accomplish your desired outcomes.

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Budget-Friendly & Swift AI Design Solutions

Experience the perfect combination of cost-effectiveness and speed with our AI-driven design service, ideal for businesses seeking to maintain a steady stream of social media content. This offering provides an optimal mix of financial viability and rapid content creation, ensuring your platforms remain vibrant and captivating without overstretching your budget.

Although it may not fully mirror the finesse of a professional designer, this approach presents a practical tactic for maintaining a consistent online presence and visibility.

Publish Content on Your Terms

Determine the precise timing of your posts’ release – eliminate the stress of last-minute scrambles! Meticulously plan your social media content for the coming weeks, guaranteeing timely publication that aligns seamlessly with your overall strategy.

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Effortlessly Sync Your Blog Posts to Social Media

Simplify the task of promoting your blog content across social networks by automating the sharing process. Our auto-posting tool allows you to seamlessly disseminate your blog articles to multiple social media channels, expanding your reach to a broader audience without the need for manual effort. Maintain a strong connection with your followers and effortlessly direct traffic to your site. Discover how our auto-posting solution can help you optimise your content distribution and amplify your online visibility.

AI Social Media Post Generator - Plans

Elevate your social media presence with our AI-powered Social Media Post Creator. From startups requiring fundamental solutions to well-established brands seeking all-encompassing support, we offer tailored plans to suit your specific requirements. If you can’t find an ideal match, reach out to us, and we’ll craft a bespoke package exclusively for you.

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Budget friendly plan for businesses starting their social media journey

1 Platform (eg, Facebook)
30 Posts Per Month
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Advanced features for businesses to enhance social media performance

2 Platforms (eg, Facebook, Instagram)
80 Posts Per Month Across Platforms
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Flexible Scheduling Help Icon
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Comprehensive social posting solution for maximum social media impact

3 Platforms (eg, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile)
150 Posts Per Month Across Platforms
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Questions About AI Social Media Plans?

Our AI-powered Social Media Post Creator can play a pivotal role in fostering your business’s growth by amplifying your digital presence and bolstering audience interaction. Through the automation of content generation, it enables more regular and consistent posting, which is essential for sustaining prominence across social media platforms. Moreover, the AI-crafted content is strategically designed to captivate your target demographic, potentially boosting engagement and expanding your reach.

Our services are designed with flexibility in mind. We do not enforce a minimum contract period, allowing you to choose the duration that best suits your business needs. This approach ensures you have the freedom to adapt your social media strategy as your business evolves, without the constraints of a long-term commitment.

Yes, we offer special discounts for clients who commit to long-term engagements, such as a 6-month or 12-month contract. These discounts are designed to provide added value and savings for businesses looking for a sustained social media marketing strategy. For more details on the specific discounts available, please contact us at hello@digitalon.com.au.


Handing over the reins of your brand’s voice and public image to a social media management firm can be a significant leap of faith. That’s why we provide complete adaptability within our social media plans when it comes to content approval. If you prefer to review each post before it goes live – we’ve got you covered.

Our AI-powered social media post creator guarantees brand coherence by strictly following established brand standards, employing adaptable templates, tailoring content for various platforms while preserving a uniform voice and tone, and continuously improving the brand’s messaging by learning from previous posts.

Absolutely, our AI-powered Social Media Post Creator can seamlessly incorporate user-generated content (UGC) and trending subjects into its posts. The system can be configured to recognise and include pertinent UGC that aligns with your brand’s values and messaging. Furthermore, it has the capability to monitor and leverage trending topics, ensuring that the content remains timely and captivating. This approach helps sustain brand relevance and cultivates heightened audience interaction across social media channels.

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