Why Are My Emails Going To Spam? How To Avoid It?


Understanding the Key Reasons

Email systems are perhaps more complex than you may have thought of. Because of the complexity, there are many reasons why your emails end up spam folders. Here is an article that describes the key reasons well.

Why Are My Emails Going To Spam?

What Can DIGITALON Do For Me?

DIGITALON can help you with the problem by configuring the systems that are relevant to your email. These services may be free of charge or involve service fees, depending on the services you have purchased from us.

1. SMTP Configuration

We can set up a special plugin (SMTP) on your website, and configure the SMTP. It can maximise the deliverability of emails.

To set this up, we need to make a link between your email account and the email servers. Please provide us with your password of the email account that has been used for the contact form of your website.

2. SPF and DKIM Configurations

We can also configure your DNS to add SPF and DKIM information. This can improve the deliverability of email substantially. To this end, we also need your domain registrar information (ID and Password)

3. Fees

The configurations of SMTP, SPF, and DKIM are already included in your web design packages and email hosting services, except ONE-PAGER and ESSENTIALS.

We charge our hourly rate of support for the configuration if the services you have purchased from DIGITALON do not cover the SMTP configuration. It usually takes about 1 hour of work, including testing.

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