Protect Your Website With Two-Factor Authentification


What is Two-Factor Authentification (2FA)?

Two-Factor Authentification (2FA) is an extra login security feature on your website. As it significantly reduces the security risks, DIGITALON highly recommends you set it up. It requires only a few simple steps to follow.

How to Set Up 2FA on your website.

  1. Log in to your website using the Admin account. DIGITALON has provided you with the admin account ID and Password when we delivered your website.
  2. Go to “Wordfence” > “Login Security” on the left menu
  3. Scan the code using your phone.

More Information

Video Instruction

The following YouTube video offers you a video tutorial on how to set up 2FA on your WordPress website:

WordFence Instruction

The WordFence website also offers more information about how to set up 2FA on your website. 

Setting up two-factor authentication

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