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Ecommerce website design and development in Australia has quickly become a fundamental part of any online business. Since February 2019, 80.8% of people in Australia shop online, so having a smooth and visually appealing website is crucial for sales and customer retention.

But what exactly should you consider when planning your eCommerce website design? There are several key factors you should be looking at for a successful outcome, as these directly impact sales, and therefore the overall success of your online business. These include everything from user experience and ease of navigation to features for boosting sales that can have a dramatic impact on your online success.

DIGITALON specialises in eCommerce website design and development and has helped many businesses with meeting their online website needs. 

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eCommerce Website Packages

We have designed these packages based on our clients’ common needs. We can adjust them for your specific requirements if they are not perfect for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

eCOMMERCE - DigitalOn Website Design Package


Standard online shop to sell your products

eCOMMERCE PREMIUM - DigitalOn Website Design Package


E-commerce website package for boosting sales significantly

eCommerece Features For Boosting Sales

When you have an effective online eCommerce website design in place, there are still likely to be areas for improvement, and that comes in the form of sales-boosting features. There are many different features for this, but the most important ones include:

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 1

Cart Abandonment Recovery

This is a highly useful feature that targets users who have "abandoned" their cart. It is designed to send an email to these users and remind them of their cart that was left without making a purchase.

In most cases, the targeted user will return and finalise their purchase, thus "recovering" their cart and increasing your sales! Without this feature, you could potentially be losing a significant number of sales simply due to forgotten carts.

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 2

Exit Intent Technology Pop-Up

You might be familiar with this feature on many of the favourite sites you visit. When you want to leave a particular website by hovering the mouse pointer near the exit button of a browser, this feature causes this specific action to prompt a "pop-up" that appears on the screen.

This pop-up might be an exclusive offer, and could be along the lines of: "Wait! You forgot to use your exclusive 20% discount code!" or "Do you want a free checklist?" or something similar.

By utilising exit intent pop-ups, you can dramatically influence the decisions of users about to leave your website. This could mean the difference between people exiting your website, never to return, or becoming a lifelong customer!

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 3

Dynamic Price/Discount

With this unique selling feature, you can create dynamic offers based on specific product choices, the cart value, or even on the quantity of the products. For example, if the cart value is $150, and you have decided to run a special offer of "$30 off when spending over $100", then this will automatically add the discount because the cart value is $150.

There are many different pricing options and conditions for you to take advantage of with this special feature, giving you fantastic pricing flexibility.

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 4

Top-Bar Sale Popup

Easily announce a current sale on your website using this cool top-bar pop-up feature. This bar displays along the top of your website in an "announcement" style, so it's not easily missed by website visitors. Capture their attention and drive them to purchase with a unique offer.

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 5

Product Recommendation (AI)

The product recommendation feature uses AI technology to curate product recommendations that apply to the user, specifically. These reconsiderations are based on their clicking behaviour on your website.

For example, if they seem particularly interested in a phone case for their iPhone, there will be more recommendations made that cater to this behaviour - e.g., more phone case options or perhaps a screen protector.

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 6

Out Of Stock Prediction & Notice

For eCommerce website design in Australia, it's essential to give your customers important stock information ahead of time with this smart "Out Of Stock Prediction & Notice" feature. Doing so can avoid future complaints and notify your loyal customers (or new customers) of stock levels.

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 7

Integration With Your Email Marketing System

Did you know that email marketing helps increase sales significantly? This email marketing system integration feature allows you to integrate your eCommerce website design with your preferred email marketing system, such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo.

In simpler words, this means you can effortlessly add your customer's emails that they gave you during a purchase to your email marketing platform for use in the future. This is crucial for email marketing campaigns when you want to retarget specific users for more sales and conversions.

eCommerce Website Design Sunshine Coast QLD 8

Recent / Best-Selling / Featured Products Pages

When you have picky buyers who struggle to choose something to purchase, this feature definitely comes in handy. It's a product page designed to showcase your recent, best-selling, or featured products to customers, making it a no brainer for them to decide what they want. This feature works well for virtually any eCommerce website because it curates your best-performing products and takes advantage of their success to incr

Without these sales-boosting features, your online website could be lacking its ability to convert website visitors into loyal customers. Utilise several or all of them to get your business ahead of the competition.

Advanced eCommerce Features

If you have an eCommerce business and you’re looking to take it to the next level, these features for advanced eCommerce are perfect.

Shipping Tracking

Customers love being able to track their shipments, and this feature gives them the ability to do so. Let them track their shipping with ease directly from your online store. Their order number automatically aligns with their shipment’s tracking number for accurate results.

Support Ticket System

If your online business is struggling to handle the number of enquiries coming in, a support ticket system feature is absolutely essential. This system is designed to help you organise the tickets and lets your customers easily submit a ticket for their concern, which could be anything from order issues to product questions.

Analytics & Reporting

Receiving accurate reporting and analytics for your eCommerce website can help you determine the next appropriate steps for your business.

Without these crucial features, your business may continue to lack improvement. With them, you can plan ahead, discover your weaknesses, focus on your strengths, and maximise your business’ profit.

Live Search

This is an improved search feature that gives a user their search results within the same view rather than taking them to a new page with the results. For example, you type in “red lipstick” into the search bar on a cosmetics website. The results appear immediately on the same page instead of redirecting you.

A live search feature for your eCommerce website design significantly enhances the user experience and friendliness. It helps them find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Wish List

Giving your website users the ability to add items to their “wish list” creates excitement and encourages users to come back and purchase these items in the future. Typically, before someone can create a wish list, they’ll need to sign up with their email address, which then gives you the upper hand over their purchase behaviour.

Having a wish list integrated with your eCommerce website design also means that customers can easily save items for future reference, so they can continue browsing without fear of forgetting about their previously liked items.

Top-Level Security

Imagine if all of your website and business data were lost – or even worse, hacked. This is where top-level security becomes a priority for any website.

For an eCommerce website design in Australia, top-level security should be developed by an Australian web agency to keep your customers’ data meeting Australia’s laws and compliances.

Cloud Hosting - Infinite Scalability

When planning out your eCommerce website design and development, having high-performance hosting should be at the top of your list

Experience reliable & smooth eCommerce website hosting. You don’t need to worry about the hassles of speed issues, server downtimes, connectivity problems that online store owners often face.

StackPath CDN

CDN is a “content delivery network” that vastly accelerates your website’s speed, all over the world. It’s a high-performance network designed to give your website users the most fluent experience with minimal lag, therefore preventing frustrating loading screen times, cancelled conversions, and helping to increase your revenue.

We implement the world’s best CDN (StackPath) for your online stores.

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    Sabrina and Hoyoung met all our expectations and more while redesigning our website. There expertise is second to none, innovative & professional.
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    As a newbie to website construction I was definitely covering new ground, and felt a bit overwhelmed by the whole process.
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    Great team, really nice to work with.Very impressed with their design work.Would definitely recommend them.
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    A great company who knows what they are doing in all aspects! Very professional work and communication. Hoyoung is extremely knowledgeable and ensured my 100% satisfaction. … read more Can't recommend them enough! 5-stars and will definitely be back for more.

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